Truck mounted cherry pickers provide access to the more hight demanding requirements. Available from 22m right up to 37m. Find out more here. Truck mounted cherry pickers available for hire in Leeds, Bradford and West Yorkshire.

Ruthmann 510F Truck Mounted

  • 51m maximum working height
  • 33m maximum lateral outreach
  • 600 kg maximum lifting capacity
  • multi-bevelled boom technology for enhanced performance
  • Negative outreach of up to -12M for working under bridges
  • Automatic set-up/ retraction mechanism
  • hydraulically extendable aluminium working cage
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Ruthman 46m Truck Mounted Cherry Picker

  • 46m maximum working height
  • 31m maximum lateral outreach
  • 600kg maximum lifting capacity
  • 180 degrees of Jib Rotation
  • Narrow Jacking available to accommodate difficult spaces
  • Negative outreach up to -8M
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Ruthmann 33m Truck Mounted Cherry Picker

Weighing less than 7.5 tonnes, this machine is widely used within the small to medium truck mount sector of industry. This product is ideal for building maintenance, window cleaning, signage management and is great for telecoms.

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Isoli (22.5m)

  • User friendly
  • Cage capacity of 230kg,
  • Large outreach 13.5m
  • Working height of 22.5m,
  • 3,500 GVW standard car licence.
  • Automatic set up from ground and cage
  • Automatic boom stowing
  • Big working envelope
  • 360 degree turret rotation
  • Multi position ‘H’ style outriggers
  • Cage rotation – 90 + 90 degree



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CTE ZED 21JH (21M Truck Mounted Platform)

This product is reliable and is a popular industry favourite, used widely on all national hire fleets. This machine is mounted on a 3.5 tonne chassis and can be operated or self-driven on a standard car license.

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